So, I went to my Doctor today


After having to wait, for my Dr. to get back from holidays, I then called too late and had to call the next month. I have finally been to see my G.P. for my 6 month (more like 8 now) post-cancer check up! I booked an appointment for a physical, now to me, especially as I had indicated it was for my post-cancer check-up, this includes that ever so charming Pap smear/exam. So, here I am, all psyched up and ready for this intrusion into my most private of privates (after breast cancer, I'll flash them at anyone who asks... almost) only to have my Dr. ask me if I was booked in to see Dr. Bates?


Who is Dr. Bates? Well, it turns out my Dr. doesn't do Gyny exams (he didn't do a rectal either, so, I will have her do it) which the staff that I booked the app't with failed to mention! Now, is this just a way for the clinic to bill more hours, or is he restricted because he didn't get his license in Canada (Germany I would think, maybe South Africa). Either way, it sounds fishy! If it weren't so damned hard to get a doctor these days, I would start shopping for a new one.

So, he has given me orders to have the usual battery of tests done: the tit squish, bone density and labs. We both forgot to get the order for a colonoscopy, so I will have to phone on Monday and have him order that too.

Oh, I have shrunk too! I used to be about 5'81/2" now I am 5'7"! I know my hips were acting up, so that would be part of it, but also my posture has been bad the last little while, have to get back to Yoga, get my stomach muscles toned up so I can stand up straight.

So, I will post when I have test results back, well, actually before then, but, I will let you know what gives with the results.

Good evening.


Leah J. Utas said...

Okay, so you asked for a physical and nobody mentioned what the dr. doesn't do?

I strongly recommend you get back to yoga. It's stretch you back to your proper height.

Reb said...

Yep! I suspect it is simply to get more hours to bill for the clinic. It could be because she is a she. I don't know for sure if she is actually specialized in gyny or not.

Yes, I do my bending stretches and my spine popped the other day, so I really have to get back to it. I'm not old enough to shrink yet!

Penelope said...

I absolutely abhor going to the vet.

He shines a bright light into my eyes, sticks a thermometer up my ass and expects me to smile about it. Karen chewed me up and down last time because when the vet decided to take a second shot with the light, I slapped him across the face with my clawless paw.

I look at it this way: he's the one who got into the profession. If he didn't want to be attacked by cats, perhaps he should try not to shine bright lights into their eyes.

-- P

P.S.: My thoughts are with you. I hope your test results come back with glowing results.

Reb said...

Oh Penelope, I don't blame you for slapping him! That must be so uncomfortable having a thermometer there! And then to flash light into your pretty eyes!

Thanks you for your thoughts, I just hope my eyebrows don't fall out again. And after all the radiation I've had, I hope the test results are the only thing glowing too.

the Bag Lady said...

So, once again you're shorter than the bag lady...that hasn't happened in about 40 years.
In other news, the bag lady took the plunge with a very non-earth-shattering blog of her very own.

Reb said...

Yeah, when was the last time you were measured? Congrats on taking the plunge.