More Paranoia!

I really have to stop using Facebook! Today a woman posted saying that she had started a website and would like the support of her home city - well, here I'll let you read it:

Hello Fellow Edmontonians!

A project I started last year to help people cope with the emotional aspects of cancer has just won an award from Avon Canada through its Hello Tomorrow Fund for helping to empower women with breast cancer. There were only six winners out of over one thousand applications and I was the only one from Alberta. I am posting this because from November 7th to 30th there will be a vote on the Avon website where the public can vote for their favorite winner and I am hoping to have my hometown behind me on this one. If my project wins, it will help to raise more awareness for the project and mean another win for our City of Champions, not to mention benefit a good cause.

Details about the Hello Tomorrow Fund can be found here:

A press release with more information can be found here:

Please put a reminder on your calenders to visit the Avon web site sometime between November 7th and 30th to vote for your favorite winner which I hope will be the April winner (ME!!!) I hope to make Edmonton and also Alberta proud.

Feel free to reply to this post with any questions you have for me or to talk about your experience with cancer.

Thank-You Everyone,
Katherine Brown

(I added the http:// so you could actually link if you wanted to)

I had a brief look at her site and will be going back to take a longer look, as it seems interesting.

However, the "Paranoid Princess" had to throw in her two cents. "I'm sorry, I support the one that helps make aware of prevention..." & She included a link to a website that goes on and on about what a scam the Breast Cancer Industry is. That is her phrasing and amazingly she didn't have any spelling errors.

From the website:

18 things that CAUSE cancer: (in no particular order)
  • Smoking cigarettes
  • Mammography radiation - see articles on mammograms
  • Chemotherapy and radiation
  • Perfumes and fragrance products
  • Cosmetics and personal care products - see articles on personal care products
  • Home cleaning products, including laundry detergent, dryer sheets, etc.
  • Drinking non-organic milk or eating non-organic dairy products
  • Hydrogenated oils and trans fatty acids - See Poison In the Food or articles on hydrogenated oils
  • Plastic food containers - includes plastic lining inside food cans
  • Sodium nitrite - found in most processed meats, see articles on sodium nitrite
  • Pesticides, PCBs, chlorine and other chemicals
  • Acrylamides (formed during high-heat food processing such as frying)
  • Watching television / lack of exercise
  • Severe emotional distress or relationship stress
  • Refined sugars / refined grains
  • Dry cleaning chemicals
  • Hair color chemicals
  • Nail polish remover

Which of those are a surprise to any of us? (Sorry, I am not sure any of the links will work outside the original site) (Oh, they do!)

I do agree that prevention should be taught and encouraged more, however, I don't want to go back to living in the dark ages... Yes, golly gee - take out the plastic from our tins, so that we can worry about lock jaw and botulism and infanamminamity again!

One of the preventions listed is Medicinal Mushrooms - yeah, like that would help me! I am allergic to any kind of fungus, fortunately not as allergic as some people are, but, I do tend to avoid things I am allergic too.

A lot of the information on this website, I am sure has some merit, but the manner in which it is presented sounds like the National Exposer or something.

Unfortunately there are far too many people out there that read these things and take them as gospel handed down by Elvis and then you wind up with people dying because "I am not having Chemo (or mammograms) because I was told prevention will save me!"

The PP on another thread today was extolling the virtues of NOT getting vaccines too. The link on that one takes you to the personal horror stories page first!

She would be funny if she weren't so serious about these things.

Good Evening.


the Bag Lady said...

Good thing I don't drink milk!!
Actually, I sometimes think that life causes cancer. I guess you just can't worry about every little thing you do or eat.
Good post, though, Reb.

Reb said...

Thanks, sis! You are right, after all we never hear about the people that did everything right & still died from cancers. Nor does it explain how it is that people died from cancer before before we knew how to process foods. Not to mention those that did everything wrong and died at a very old age, from just old age.

Hilary said...

There's always going to be things we're willing to do for the sake of healthy living and places where we draw our own lines. The best we can do is try to minimize the risks and enjoy what's left.

Leah J.Utas said...

What next? Bathing? Does bathing cause cancer? It must. Everything else does.
I've had to read this a few times. I keep thinking it says exercise causes cancer.

Reb said...

Hilary, you are so right, too many people though don't have common sense.

Leah, it wouldn't surprise me that bathing will be next, after all, our water is so contaminated and chlorinated and whatever-ated! I think it will be too much to ask for, for exercise to be included though - darn-it-all!

Crabby McSlacker said...

This looks like one of those frustrating lists where the Real Things to Worry About are mixed in with supposed dangers that have been debunked by researchers.

Like you said, when people take it all as gospel, the stuff we really need to be careful of gets lost in the shuffle.

I do think there's an increasing problem with carcinogens in our environment, but this list doesn't seem all that reliable in terms of things to avoid.

thanks for the post!

Reb said...

That is so true Crabby.