It's My Blog & I'll Whine If I Want To...

My apologies for most of yesterdays blog, for those that haven't read it, read the first and last paragraphs, skip me whining in the middle. I start to feel sorry for myself when I can't breathe properly.

I will try to come up with something exciting, or at least mildly amusing over the next few days.

Good Morning.


bag lady said...

It's your blog, can I whine if I want to?
It's still cold and miserable here, but at least it stopped snowing!
Think of anything amusing yet? Do I have to help? Gimme a minute...

Reb said...

SNOW! OMG! Well, you go ahead and whine, sister mine.

Yes, you can help, write a guest blog for me!

Leah J. Utas said...

What's the point of blogging if you can't whine?

I can certainly understand feeling sorry for oneself when not breathing. Makes perfect sense.
If memory serves there was some loose talk about posting photos of when you were bald.
Lets have 'em!

Hilary said...

Absolutely no apologies allowed. You're allowed to whine anytime you please. How are we supposed to grumble in our own blogs (I'm looking at YOU now, Bag Lady) if we can't listen to others vent a bit. You're entitled. :)

Snow? I guess I shouldn't go on about how it reached 26C here today. I LOVE this weather!

bag lady said...

Sheesh, Hilary, brag on your own blog! It snowed here yesterday enough to stay on the ground for most of the day. It's gone now, and warmed up a little, but not anywhere close to 26C!! (I think it got to 10C). Sigh.

Reb said...

Well, thanks all. I really don't need encouragement to whine, but, next time, I won't apologise for it.

Leah, I'll get the bald pics up soon, I promise.

Hilary, go ahead and brag about your weather, just don't be insulted if I delete your comments - lol (cough, cough)

Enough laughing, now, I can't breathe!