I had an idea....

about a blog topic. It completely escapes me right now! I guess I am going to have to keep a notebook with me to write down these ideas. That is what happens I guess when you get old.

So, I will tell you about the name of my blog site instead.

My cat is a Himalayan Lynx Seal Point. His name is Sibu, which is an East Indian name I picked off of a web site. I can't remember what it means (this was 7 or so years ago), but, I just liked the sound of it. Cats respond well to sibilants so we didn't even look at any other letters. The other "S" names were just too long, too complicated, too common or plain boring. Unfortunately I can't post a really good picture of him as all I have is a really old web cam. My scanner bit the dust a few years back, so I can't even upload any of the other photos I have of him. Oh woe is me. Oh well, you will have to trust me when I say that his eyes are in fact blue - just paler than normal I think. By the way, for those that may be in living in warmer climes, points on cats like Siamese and Himy's go darker when exposed to the cold. (not that he is ever out for long)

Pegasus is my favorite fantasy creature. I have several statues and pictures, but, I will refuse any that have a Unicorns horn stuck on them! There is no such thing as a Uni-Peg! My sister once pointed out that there was also no such thing as a Pegasus or a Unicorn! I don't know where she got that idea! Of course I still believe in Santa too! He has never let me down.

Power, I just threw that on the title. I would have gone crazy long ago were it not for my cat, although sometimes I am not sure that he isn't the one behind the wheel. So I suppose you could say I get my power from my cat and my belief in Pegasus. And the belief that I have beaten the cancer - it will not come back!

(Just for Leah)

That's it, that is how I came up with the name for my blog. I didn't put anywhere near this amount of thought into it. Maybe if I had put more thought into it I would have come up with something much more pithy - oh well, I like it.

By the way my favorite real animal is the Polar Bear, I have lots of those too.

Good evening.


Leah J. Utas said...

No such thing as unicorns? Ha!
Where does she get these fool ideas?

Thanks for posting the pic.

You're not alone. I get great blog ideas at or near bed time and tell myself I'll remember them so I can write them in the morning.

the bag lady said...

Your memory must be faulty - of course there are unicorns. And flying horses. And a Santa, Easter Bunny, tooth-fairy, etc. There is also a little Irish guy guarding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. And a mean little leprechaun he is, too! Whoever thinks leprechauns are cute and cuddly is sadly mistaken.

Hilary said...

Sibu Pegasus Polar Power has a nice ring to it too. Pets sure can help keep us sane at times... and send us off the deep end other times (One of my cats is staring at me as I type).

Brave photo posting.. thanks for sharing.

Reb said...

Leah, It was at a FR, I can't remember how the conversation got started, but when I said there was no such thing as a uni-peg, she looked at me in such a way, then said "and there are unicorns & pegasus'?" Of course as you see below, she is now denying it!

Sis, I am glad you have come to believe! You are right about that mean ole Leprechaun though.

Hilary, I could just abbreviate that to SP3! Of course, if you type that into wiki, you get something in quantum physics, or in MSoft - and we really don't like microsoft, so maybe I better stick to what it is.

Thanks for the comments about the photo. There will be more when I do a post about chemo.