Physio & Birds!

Well, I had my first physio appointment today for my hip. My therapists name is Joanne and she wants to try acupuncture on me next time! That should be interesting. In the meantime, she iced my hip and used a muscle stimulator then did some massage and gave me a few exercises to do. She isn't sure what is going on, but is not happy with the feel of the muscles in my thigh and the lack of motion. I think I will only get about 6 sessions paid for, so I hope it will be enough to do some good.

I was at my friends place the other evening for supper and while we were waiting for it to be cooked the birds decided to visit her yard & feeder.

He's very pretty isn't he?
Sorry for the blurry, but this is his back.
It sometimes gets a bit crowded!
So, they have to stand on each other! ;)

Have a good day all.


Leah J. Utas said...

What's going on, or not going on, with your hip? I hope the exercises work out. Acupuncture can be good.
You can also look up "Tibetan Rites" and see if you can do the exercises. They might limber things up for you. Said rites are the reason my cardiologist no longer wishes to see me.

Love the sparrow pics. I especially like the beak to beak shot with the beating wings.

Reb said...

Thanks Leah, that is my favourite shot too. As for my hip, it has osteoarthritis, but has been behaving in the same manner my shoulders did when they froze - shooting pains limited mobility & so on. I will google those rites now ;)

Anonymous said...

Uh, oh. Your hip, my knee. Hope your physio appointments help!

Scott Oglesby said...

It should do you a lot of good. I only had 6 sessions for a severe whiplash and it helped a lot. I’ve heard amazing things about acupuncture as well.

Those sparrows are so cute!

messymimi said...

Beautiful pictures, the kind of bird activity I and my cats could watch for hours.

I will pray that the therapy will help your hip tremendously.

Jay said...

You'd be amazed at how much progress can be made in only 6 sessions.

I've never tried acupuncture but have been tempted to on my back. It can't do any worse! ;-)

Reb said...

Karen, thanks. I hope so too.

Scott, I sure hope so, a year of it didn't help my back injury from an accident, but then there was no acupuncture. Thanks.

Messymimi, I know, they are so fun to watch. Thanks.

Jay, I hope it helps! It didn't do much the first time for the same spot, 25 years ago. I am curious about the needles though.

Janet said...

Good luck with the acupuncture! It's worked for me :-)

Reb said...

Thanks Janet! I hope it helps too.

the Bag Lady said...

I've had acupuncture and it helped a lot.... for awhile.
Love the shot with the beating wings - very cool!

Reb said...

Thanks Sis. I hope it helps, I've managed to get the muscle feeling lees like rope and more like muscle, but my hip where the ice was is aching still.