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Awhile back I made a comment on Mary Anne in Kentucky's blog Living with the Sun, about fake wasps nests and how they can discourage real wasps from settling in as wasps apparently are territorial. (breathe) Here is a photo of my neighbours:

They are just paper and this is the first one I have seen that wasn't grey. I don't imagine it makes a big difference.


Kcinnova made a comment on one of my posts about using Laughing cow cheese, and how she hadn't really come up with any other ideas. So, this is a simple snack:

These are corn cakes (70 cal/3) (or you can use rice cakes) spread with Laughing cow cheese (68 cal/3 triangles - 1/2 per cake) and then sliced cucumbers. If you eat things like tomato that would be good too I would think, or any veggie, I just love my cucumber. I was very hungry that day, usually I only have four, but as that is still only 208 calories + whatever cucumber adds, I figured it was okay. For the rice cakes, you kind of need one whole triangle, so it is a few more calories.


The other cool thing going on. The apartment down the hall just was painted and the door for the storage room is in an awkward (to say the least) place, so the manager asked if they wanted it removed. The new tenants said yes please, so I asked if I could have it (one less door for me to paint when I get around to it) and it looks so good, I will now have to get off my kiester and get painting. I also lucked into white drapes from one of the other suites. I know that the manager would either leave them in place until either a tenant took them, or 'til they were disgustingly ratty, so I saved them from that (with permission). The tenant that left them had not hemmed them properly so I have been spending the last week picking the interfacing used to hem them (IKEA) off, then I will surge the raw edges and wash them until they are bright and clean. When I am done the walls will be turquoise and the drapes, doors and trim will be white. If I can ever afford furniture, I will aim for brown, chocolatey.

Have a good day all.


messymimi said...

Your snacks look delicious, and there is nothing like decorating on a budget and scoring something free to help you along.

Brown furniture sounds like it will be worth saving for.

David Cranmer said...

I just had to rid our walkway of some wasps. Fake wasps nests?! I never would have thought.

Leah J. Utas said...

Reb, I so wish I could have Laughing Cow cheese. You don't like tomatoes? Or do they not like you?
Have fun with the renewals.

Dianne said...

the snacks look great
refreshing and yummy

have fun redecorating
I just keep moving crap around trying to make something look different

Jay said...

I've never heard of fake wasp nests. Hope they work as well as the plastic owl with the bobbing head. That scares off the crows and the ducks both.

Reb said...

Thanks Messymimi. Free help is wonderful!

David, they have been around for a few years. My friend has one in her backyard and we haven't been bothered by wasps since she started putting one up.

Leah, I just don't like the texture of tomatoes, but, tomato soup is my favourite :) Sad about the cheese, although I think it would work with some goat that is spreadable.

Thanks Dianne. I have been here 6 years, so it is time for a paint job. As for the furniture, it is all second or third hand, so I hope to save up for something newer soon.

Jay they work very well, we haven't been bothered by wasps all summer here, or the last three or so at my friends.

Scott Oglesby said...

Did you ever get any tips that work for black flies? There are so many here it drives me crazy.

The snacks officially made me go from hungry to starving.

Reb said...

Sorry Scott, no tips on black flies. Sounds like you'd best go eat something though ;)

Anonymous said...

Those snacks look great! Thanks, Reb! (Now I'm really glad I took the time to read back posts from when I was on vacation.)

BTW, I've heard that if you hang bags of water in the doorways, the flies will not enter.

Reb said...

Thanks Karen! I'm glad you did too.

solarity said...

No, I hadn't seen this one. I had been wondering what those fake nests looked like. I wonder if they would convince the wasps here (building different shaped ones) that the space was taken. Definitely something I want to try.

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Reb said...

Mary Anne, it sometimes takes me awhile, but I do remember to get around to things ;) I'm sure it's worth trying, check garden centres or hardware stores that have garden sections in the spring.

Janet said...

that wasp thing is a great idea!

I use laughing cow on sandwich thins, with one slice of canadian bacon and an egg, for breakfast. makes a great sandwich!

Reb said...

Janet, that sounds wonderful!