WWC: White & Mailbox/Slot

Tuesday, the Weekly Word Challenge is once again consuming the minds of bloggers everywhere. What will the words be? What pictures will be posted? Will they meet or exceed previous standards set by our intrepid bloggers? Well, keep reading folks, the answers to these and many other questions are below!

Yes, my mind goes to strange places every once in awhile. The words for this week are "White" and "Mailbox/Slot". I was really worried there wouldn't be enough white to photograph, but, I did find a bit ;)

White stuff still on the trees from the last blow we had.

More White stuff covering the picnic table.

You can see where the White stuff is receding though (and someone's white filter sticking up there).

MMMmm, Soft ice cream is good White stuff, even in the winter. I almost didn't think of this shot and by the time I did we were driving down the road and it was almost gone ;)

Stupid colour for a vehicle in this country. Yes, it is White! It is ahead of us at the car wash and it looks wet, because the silly woman drove right through the automatic wash without stopping so it could wash - duh?

My friends White coat - as we are waiting at the car wash.

Is is any wonder our Mailboxes get broken into all the time?

Close up of just how well the Mailbox doors fit after 40 some years.

The Weekly Word Challenge is hosted by the WWT (wildly wonderful Tink) over at Pickled Beef. If you would like to join us or see more photos, just drop by her site.

Have a good day all.


Leah J. Utas said...

Ah, the joys of a white car. Good work again. Some of the pics wouldn't build for me so I'll be coming back from time to time to day to check. I'll try not to wear out my welcome.

the Bag Lady said...

Great shots, sis!

There is a lot of white around here today. On the ground and in the air (ice fog, not snow). Sigh.

Jay said...

I have a white car too. I does get to be a pain to keep it looking good. Especially since I don't have a garage or carport. So it sits out in the weather all the time.

Great pics this week!

Mmmm ice cream. ;-)

Reb said...

Thanks Leah, stop back as often as you want ;)

Sis, we have the ice fog here today too - blah!

Jay, my friend says they are best for not showing dings and dents, but I'd rather be seen against the snow up here ;) Thanks.

Tink said...

Mmmm. I rather fancy that white ice cream. ;)

Let's hope you have much less white to take pictures of in the coming weeks.

Reb said...

Thanks Tink. From your lips to Mother Natures ears!

Anonymous said...

Lovely mountain of white ice cream.... yummy!
My husband's black car was spotted white last night after driving our salted roads (I didn't think to take its picture).
And now that we have all photographed white, the snow can go away, yes?

PS: For some reason, I really like your shot of the picnic table. A promise of summer to come perhaps?

Aunt Jackie said...

I love the snow, yours looks much better than our snow though. The white stuff I want though is your ice cream!! lol It's great anytime.

Great pics this week!! Go Reb!

Reb said...

Kcinnova, I am with you on that wish that the snow would go now. Thanks, I like that one too.

Thanks AJ, I am getting a bit tired of it though. I am an ice cream junkie!

Hilary said...

We're almost done with our remaining white stuff.. but that ice cream is beginning to look good to me. Winter might be over... naaah.

g-man said...

Well done, the soft ice cream close up was especially "cool" :)

I had some idiot in the car wash rock over the sensor as he was exiting and so it thought he had left and I was now parked there, he stole my carwash.

Janet said...

lol I have a silver car, same problem! Man, I'm so sick of the snow!

Reb said...

Hilary, I can eat ice cream all year round - unfortunately I do too!

G-man, oh, that sucks! Thanks, I was pleased with how it came out.

Janet, I think we all are!

Barbara Martin said...

I'm hoping our white stuff will be over for the year soon, though it's not April yet.

I remember those kinds of mailboxes.

Reb said...

Barbara, we have had about 10 inches of snow since then.