Well, I did ask for it.

There is a letter meme going about where you get assigned a letter and then tell everyone ten things you love (or at least like) that start with that letter. Jay just did it and silly me, I asked for a letter.

So, ten things I love that start with the letter "U".

1. Uncles - I have/had 15 - 6 of those had/have last names starting with U, do I get extra points?

2. Unicorns, although I prefer Pegasus ;)

3. University of Alberta. Right here in Edmonton and although I didn't attend, I have a a weird childhood memory of playing on the lawn, under the big trees in front of Corbet hall. It must have been on dad's graduation day, because I don't remember my parents being there, just my siblings.

4. Uno, is a silly fun card game.

5. Having a Uterus. They are a miracle. (I can't believe I went there)

6. Ungual, well, some of them.

7. Unicycle, I admire people that can ride them.

(Getting desperate here, I may have to use the dictionary!)

8. The Universe, I am glad to be here. (whew! two more)

9. Ukulele, when played right, they can still be annoying.

10. Ukrainian eggs, they are a beautiful craft and take a lot of work.

Did it! Didn't even have to use the dictionary. If you would like to play along, let me know in comments and I will draw a letter from a hat (I don't have scrabble though, so I will just have to use paper) that way, I can't be held accountable for the letters assigned.

This was not the Ultimate list, nor did it aggravate my Ulcer, but I am done and didn't Use each of my Uncles separately or any of the rest of my relatives whose names start with U. They have to remain Unacknowledged for now. It was not an Unattainable goal and I think it is Unnecessary to Ululate my success, in fact that would be Unadvisable in this apartment. I am Usually Undemonstrative at the best of times anyway. This is getting to be Unenjoyable though and you are all Undeserving of such Underhanded rambling.

Have a good day all ;)

P.S. that was like a test - I always came up with the answers after!


Anonymous said...

You are too Unassuming - that was amazing!!
I'll do it, Reb, but please give me an easy letter!

Leah J. Utas said...

Unbelievable! Had to look up ungual and that always makes me happy. Not a lot of folk can send me to the dictionary. I am rather taken with this exercise so g'wan and gimme a letter. Please.

the Bag Lady said...

Sure - go ahead and give me a letter (but if it's X, it ain't happening....!)

Jay said...

That was Unusual and Unlike other letter memes. Well done!

Leah J. Utas said...

Oohh! Ooh ! Pick me! I love X. It's one of my favourite letters and it's like, totally misunderstood.

Reb said...

LOL, thanks Kcinnova! Your letter is..."C"

Leah, glad I had to send you to the dictionary (amazed more like)! Your letter is..."L" (sorry it's not "X", I could draw again, or you could do both?)

Sis, nothing wrong with "X", but your letter is... 3, oh "M"

Thanks Jay, I always try to be Unusual ;)

Leah, it is very misunderstood.

Dianne said...

excellent! and I'm really impressed that you didn't use a dictionary

Reb said...

Thanks Dianne. It was fun.

David Cranmer said...

Very creative meme and very creative answers.

g-man said...

Could have substituted Uvula for Uterus, if you REALLY didn't want to go there ;) Although I think that the uterus is more of a miracle organ. :) Nicely done, that was certainly a challenging letter.

Reb said...

David, yes, it was and I tried ;)

G-man, I couldn't think of another U word, until after, then I thought about changing it, then figured, no, that was what I came up with. Thanks.

Aleta said...

Woah ~ I'm impressed with the universal answers! Bravo!

Reb said...

Thanks, Aleta and thanks for dropping by.