WWC: Black & Natural World

Wow, talk about tough assignments! This week's challenge is Black & "Natural World", as my natural world is still hibernating, I had to dig into the archives for a couple. Click on any to enlarge.

Why do we not paint houses black? We use black on trim and on roofs, but not the whole house?
You could go the the Behr site and play with colours yourself though, it looks not bad really ;)

We use black on cars and trucks too - as Henry Ford said "you can have any colour you want as long as it is black". (of course that is a dodge)

Black dirt is starting to show through in the natural world.

My Sister has a couple of black cows in her natural world.

The natural world has a use for black in places like this tree trunk.

Sometimes man and the natural world are at odds....there is a frozen drain under all that water.

My Sister's clematis from her natural world.

This evenings sunset with man imposed again on the natural world.

I like how the natural world chooses to light things in the evening.

So, my prose was lame today, I apologise - I hope you enjoyed the photos though ;) If you would like to see more interpretations of the words or would like to join us, drop by and visit Tink at Pickled Beef, she is our talented host.

Have a good day all.


Hilary said...

Never lame.. always unique along with your wonderful ideas. You sure know how to make a clogged up drain puddle look pretty!

Reb said...

Why thank you Hilary!

the Bag Lady said...

I didn't think your prose was lame at all! (You mentioned me twice - how could that be lame?!) :)

Good choices, sis - well done!

Leah J. Utas said...

Well done. I even feel a bit sorry for that poor, scarred tree.
I thought you handled the assignment well. It's always interesting to see your take on the world.

Reb said...

Thanks Sis, of course the parts where I mentioned you weren't lame!

Leah that tree looks very healthy in spite of the scarring. Thanks.

Janet said...

That clematis is cool looking!

Terrie Farley Moran said...

Hi Reb,

Definitely not lame! I enjoy the pictures and the commentary was honest and honesty is never lame. Of course the high light was the mention of BL. Twice!!


Reb said...

Thanks Janet. I really like that one.

Thanks Terrie, of course the high light was BL!

Tink said...

Well done! I really liked the sunset and the Clematis. Although I have to admit, the second sounds like something dirty. ;)

Reb said...

Thanks Tink, yes, it does!

g-man said...

The reflection and sunset pictures are spectacular. Well done.

Reb said...

Thanks G-man!

Jay said...

The sunset pic is spectacular!

Great job.

I was even too lazy to go into my archives. haha

Dianne said...

I like the way the light looks on that weepy tree

I don't think your prose is ever lame and in this post it was inspired :)

I can't imagine living in a black house - I can just imagine how the dust would look - I could see me now out every morning dusting the house ;)

Reb said...

Thanks Jay. You'll be back in form next week.

Dianne, yes, I thought of that too, just like a black car. Thanks, I think it is a birch.

fiwa said...

Not lame at all. I've wondered that about black houses too. I agree with what Hilary said about the clogged up drain - that is a really pretty picture.

Reb said...

Aw, thanks Fiwa!

Barbara Martin said...

You did well with the prose and the photos. Nice to see it melting there.

Reb said...

Thanks Barbara, lets hope we don't have any setbacks.

Anonymous said...

I love that black & white tree!
Maybe a house painted black would get too hot in the summertime?

Reb said...

Thanks Kc. Maybe, or maybe they just look too much like tar-paper shacks?!