WWC: Sweet & Bitter

First off, let me say, it is 32 C with the humidex making it feel like 36 degrees C. That translates to a bit warm for those of you that live south of sanity, or 89 F/humidex 97 F. Interestingly enough, when I changed the website to imperial from metric, I got a weather warning, when I changed back, the warning went away. Does that mean that because I now think in metric, I know instinctively that there is going to be a storm? We had a great boomer last night, but alas, I was not very successful getting any photos of lightening, probably because it was mostly sheet lightening. We'll see what happens tonight.


On to the reason we are here today! It is Tuesday and that means Weekly Word Challenge! This is a fun time and can be had by all! All you have to do is drop by and see Tink of Pickled Beef - she is our wonderful host will let you in on the details.

Without further ado, I give you Sweet & Bitter. Click to enlarge any photo.


This is one of the two desserts my cousin & I indulged in when she came to visit. Not too sweet and a surprising blend of lemon and chocolate.

One of our resident sweet bunnies.

Sweet photo of a poppy.

Who could resist this sweet face?

Or resist this sweet chocolate?

Lemonade is a bit sweet, but not too much.


This chocolate is bitter, that is until you bake with it.

Some people think coffee is bitter, sprinkle a touch of salt over the grounds before brewing to get rid of the bitterness.

Lemon and Orange rinds are bitter but add lots of punch to some recipes.

I'm bitter at my empty parking stall. :(

Bitter pills to take.

Finally, I had to balance the sweet face of my kitty, with this bitter expression.

So there you have it ;)

Some of the participants in WWC have formed a group in Flickr, you are welcome to drop in and have a look around. You are also welcome just to drop over to my Flickr site.

Have a good day all.


Jo said...

Oh Reb, I just love that photo of you LOL! It belongs in the sweet category, funny girl.

Your photos are so good! Your talent is really coming along, I always enjoy your clever interpretations but I'm also loving the way the you arrange things. Cake, coffee & cuddly kitty--life is sweet :)

gary rith said...

that was a heck of a dessert up there, and I LOVE your cat

the Bag Lady said...

Great photos as usual, sis.
Hey, I recognize that face - you made it often enough at me when we were kids! :)

Crabby McSlacker said...

Great photos!

It seems like every week they get better and better--I so admire your photography skills.

(Cute bunny & cat too--who can resist those?)

Leah J. Utas said...

That dessert, oh the memories, the sweet, sweet memories.
Excellent photos and interpretations again, Reb.

Knight said...

I love that last photo. Very funny.

Hilary said...

Your sour expression caught me while I was still drooling over that cake. Bad move! What a great selection of photos.. you always come up with the best interpretations.

Reb said...

Jo, thanks! Life is sweet.

Gary, thanks, he is adorable and that dessert was fabulous!

Sis, Thanks. Um, who do you suppose taught me that?

Thanks Crabby. I'm working at it.

Leah, I think I gained weight again just remembering! Thanks.

Thanks Knight, glad you got a laugh.

Oh Hilary! I hope you didn't choke! Thanks so much.

Tink said...

Holy bajeezus. Are bunny eyes usually so creepy? I swear it's trying to eat my soul. I love the picture of you and that cake! Well played.

Anonymous said...

You have our weather! (Isn't it awful?) Funny that you call it "imperial"--I've always called it standard. But then, we got rid of the empire status back in 1776 (or 1781, or whatever). I guess if you read your weather in metric, it is assumed you are smarter than those "south of sanity" and can figure out what humidity means!
Of course, your kitty's face is sweet, and the view of dessert is enough to make some of us salivate, but what really made my day was the pic of you!

(I used meds for bitter, too)

Missicat said...

Love the photos, especially the sweet kitty (of course...). And cake!

Emily said...

LOL, I love the bitter face!!! Your cat is precious, is she/he spoiled as most kitties should be?

Karen said...

Sweet face and bitter expression. I LOVE IT! Good pictures all around!

Reb said...

Tink, at least his eyes aren't red! Thanks, that cake was wonderful!

Kcinnova, you can have your weather back! The humidity was only 28% or something last night when I posted! Thanks, that dessert makes me want to go get more.

Missicat, thanks, that was a wonderful dessert.

Emily, thanks. He is the worlds most spoiled cat - and biggest scaredy cat.

Karen thanks!

Janet said...

ROFLMAO! That last picture just cracked me up! The picture of the bunny is a bit scary...it has spooky eyes, kind of like goat eyes!

g-man said...

Well done! I had to LOL at the face you made. Too funny.

Jay said...

LOL! Love the face you made! So cute!

And lemon and chocolate in that cake. Yummmmmmmm! ;-)

Robyn said...

Come and read all about PART II of mystery trip! And there will be a PART III as well (our eating pleasure)! LOL! Thanks for stopping by! It was lovely to see you there!

Reb said...

Janet, glad I got a laugh!

G-man, thanks!

Jay, thanks. That cake was wonderful.

Robyn, be right over.

Dianne said...

you look adorable! but I have told that you before during the great hair color debate :)

love the hint about sprinkling salt on the coffee grounds

and love the sweet kitty!!
that is the same kitty that walks on a leash?

all your photos are wonderful

Reb said...

Aww, thanks Dianne. Just need a little sprinkle though, too much and it will taste salty. Yes, same cat.

gary rith said...

I wonder if bunnies from northern Alberta are different from New York bunnies?

Fortune Cookies said...

I'm slow this week, finaly getting around to checking out your WWC...brilliant, as usual, but most importantly, was that G..G...G...Ghiradelli I saw??? Great, now I'm drooling...
Oh and I love the bitter expression as the finale!

Reb said...

FC, thanks. You know you can take all the time you need to, to drop over here. Sorry about the drool, I hope you didn't short out your keyboard.

Barbara Martin said...

Your photos are great, even the one of your!

Reb said...

Thanks Barbara.