To celebrate his 25th post of My Town Monday, the creator Travis Erwin came up with a meme.

Here it is:

Hometown: (current) Edmonton, AB (North Americas largest northern most city)

Population: 752,412 (metro 1,081,300)

You should think of my town when: You eat at Boston Pizza (in the U.S.:Boston's, The Gourmet Pizza)

You should curse my town when: our Oilers bring home the Stanley Cup! (for the 6th time)

One thing you must see if you visit: Our giant cowboy boot! (or West Edmonton Mall) Actually Old Strathcona is a wonderful place to go for shopping and historic buildings.

One place to avoid if you visit: 97 Street downtown. (or West Edmonton Mall)

Famous Resident: so many to choose from! Nathan Fillion (Firefly & Serenity); Tommy Chong (Cheech & Chong); Rae Dawn Chong (Tommy's daughter - Commando and so many more);Evangeline Lilly (Lost); Michael J Fox ( a few movies ;), maybe a bit of telly)

Renowned Athlete: Again many, but I will leave it at Mark Messier.

Without my town the world would not have: Bioware Corp. Gamers will know what that is.

I live here because: It doesn't feel like a large city, but I get the anonymity I crave.

I would leave because: It is easier to be homeless in a warm place - kidding, but it will be the cold that eventually drives me out.

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Have a good day all.


Jay said...

Someday when I visit there I'm going straight to 97th street. I bet it's my kind of place. LOL

I hope the Oilers win another Stanly Cup someday, but they've never recovered from Janet Jones Yoko Onoing the greatest NHL dynasty EVER!

Robyn said...

Oh you should post photos with all this lovely facts on your town!

Reb said...

Jay, you are probably right about 97st & definitely right about Jones.

Robyn, thanks. I'll get there, each of these actually deserves their own post.

Joshua said...


Leah J. Utas said...

Well done, Reb. Edmonton has so much to offer and has offered so much. The famous resident list alone gets rather lengthy.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Thanks for the snapshot of Edmonton.

debra said...

I love the idea of the Fringe Festival and that your community supports the arts. Thanks, Reb.

Terrie Farley Moran said...


Wow! You answered the Meme in such a great way. I really got a feel for Edmonton. Thanks!


Knight said...

This is a fun meme. I would try it with my home town but I would just mention tractors a lot. Sounds like you have an interesting town!

Reb said...

Joshua, thanks.

Leah, thanks. There are so many things the city has to offer, I just had to be a bit flip.

Patti, it is a very small snapshot too.

Debra, thanks. The Fringe is on now, it is such a great time.

Thanks Terrie. You will have to come and visit, there is so much more to see.

Knight, thanks we do. You could of course do NYC.

Travis Erwin said...

I've been dreading talk about those blasted Oilers. Go Stars!

Missicat said...

I need to make a run for the (northern) border..hehe

Reb said...

Travis, don't worry, that is probably all you will hear from me about them! Unless of course they win or something! ;)

Missicat, you'd be more than welcome.

Mary said...

What a wonderful place Edmonton is!

Reb said...

Mary, I certainly think so. Thanks for stopping by.