WWC - Regret & Pure

I went over and had a look at the paint job in the office this morning, it could use another coat, but we can get away with just touching it up in places. The trim needs another coat though.

The person that I said called the fire department yesterday, actually pulled the alarm, he thought it was propane or gas he was smelling. That would explain the response of four fire trucks. I spoke to the boss this morning and apparently the tenant was waiting for his cleaning lady to come today to clean it out! STUPID!

So, now that you are all caught up, on to the WWC! This week's words are Regret and Pure. No, I don't have a photo of the toxic freezer.


This is all that is left of a mall that was built sometime in the 1980's (I can't remember the year) and has been sitting empty now for at least a decade. Less than a 25 year life for a mall is something the investors probably Regret! I never thought that I would see a mall built, work in it and then see it torn down in my lifetime.

This is the colour that was Regretfully put on the office walls.

This is what happens when I spend two days on my knees with my ankles crossed and then sit back on my feet. Um, that sounds bad...how about: I regret the position I was sitting in while painting!


This is an old photo from my point and shoot ('84 - Jasper National Park) Pure Elk.

This is also from my point and shoot about the same time. Pure Majesty!

This was a few days ago, with my digital. Pure Beauty!

Last night, PURE BLISS!

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kcinnova said...

OUCH!! That is a painful-looking leg.
Your "pure" shots? Beautiful.
I miss having a bathtub. *sigh*

gr said...

your little toes!

Tink said...

I've never seen an elk before! Too cool. That bruise on your leg looks painful. I was so sore after painting that I actually couldn't sit or put my arms over my head the next day. Reason numba one I will not be finishing up the house any time soon. :)

Karen said...

Ouch! I hope the bath helped the sore feet and legs.
Really they tore down an entire Mall? What's the plan for that property I wonder?

Reb said...

Kcinnova, I bruise so easily, I didn't even realize it was there! Thanks.

Gary, on my big feet with those fat calves?

Tink, they are so beautiful, you will just have to come to AB and visit Jasper (best place to see them).

Karen, oh it helped a lot! They are putting up a bunch of hi-rise condos and what used to be the parking lot is now a number of box stores. Some of which were in the mall.

Jay said...

That bruise looks like it hurt!

Love the pure shots. They're beautiful!

Leah J. Utas said...

Love the personal take on the challenge.
Excellent elk shot, and mountains.
My feet hurt in sympathy.
When did you work at Heritage?

Chatty said...

I like that regret is all tied into a story - very neat! Sorry about your legs, though! Ouch.
Your pure pictures are wonderful - I've never seen an elk in the wild, especially not that close - and the landscapes - wow!

the Bag Lady said...

Good photos, sis. Bad bruise, though. Of course, I know that all you need to do is receive a hard stare and you'll bruise...

Reb said...

Why Jay, thank you!

Leah, thanks. Oh it was late -80's early '90's.

Chatty, thanks! You should come visit too, come in the fall, when the bulls are calling!

Sis, yeah, fun ain't it. Thanks!

Hilary said...

Ouch, Reb.. your poor leg. The regret photos sure were well represented and the pure pics were lovely. I see that you needed Advil to help bring pure relief. I hope you heal quickly.

Reb said...

Hilary, thanks, yes, the Advil helped quite a lot.

Crabby McSlacker said...

Great photos for both themes! And sorry about the bruise, hope it heals fast.

Reb said...

Thanks Crabby, so do I.

Jo said...

Sorry I'm late--I think b/c I saw these on Flickr I spaced & thought I'd already been here.

Your poor leg! I hope the bath helped. Sometimes I sit cross-legged for so long it's excruciating to untangle myself.

Your pure shots are beautiful.

Fortune Cookies said...

ow-iee! That looks like a doosey! Pure Majesty makes me want to pack up my easel and canvas and come visit you! BEAUTIFUL!
And look at Bullwinkle!
Nice shots, hope that bruise is the mend. my wwc is finally posted, come on by.

Reb said...

Jo, I know the feeling, well, both actually. Thanks, I had to dig into my photo album for those.

FC, anytime! Jasper is the best place to see Elk. Of course Moose are rather more elusive ;)

Janet said...

holy MOG your leg looks SORE!!! Hope you're feeling better!

That elk is awesome!

Reb said...

Janet, yeah it was, it is better now. I can hardly wait to get to Jasper with my new camera and see what kind of photos I can get with it.