WWC - Fire & Three

Well, it is Tuesday again and that means it it time for the Weekly Word Challenge hosted by Tink from Pickled Beef. We have been doing Numbers & Elements and this week the theme continues with Three and Fire.


I actually took this a week or more ago because I though it looked funny. Then, when Tink chose Three as the number for this week, I realised I could use it here.

You have to cut holes in the bread dough to help it fry evenly. Grumpy face!

The sign at the apartment complex - again.

Three of the pyramids at the Muttart Conservatory and three Spruce Trees.

These lovely dragons, consented to have their picture taken together, just for this WWC. They live in my friends yard and their names are (L-R): Skybolt, Chronos, & Mystery.


I had soooo much fun with this - I took a total of about 270 fire pictures. Then of course I had to pare that down - that was hard!

Fire Writing.

Fire swirling & jumping.

Fire remains.

Something you should never do.

Something you should have on hand.

So, as usual, I took many more pictures and you can click here to see them on my Flickr site, or you can click here to see mine and several other contributors shots on the WWC Group on Flickr.

If you think you might like to join the fun, head on over to see Tink at Pickled Beef and she will tell all about it.

Have a good day all.

P.S. the words for next week are Earth & Seven.


Hilary said...

Always fun to see what you do with these, Reb. The smoke detector and fire extinguisher were inspired. Great flame pics too.

Leah J. Utas said...

The fire pics are gorgeous. They have so much in them and how ever did you get that dragon in the fire and writing pic to consent?
Checked out the rest of your pics and the fire horse is wonderful.

Jo said...

I love your fire pics! The curling flame is especially cool. The dragons are neat, I'd love to have one in my garden. And the bread looks delicious!

You just reminded me I need to buy a fire extinguisher.

the Bag Lady said...

I loved the fire writing shot! All your pictures were great again!

Jay said...

I took my smoke detector down too. The people who built this place put the smoke detector right next to the kitchen. I know when my neighbors dinner is done each night though. ;-)

Great job saying the words. Love the fire pics. Fire is awesome!

Terrie Farley Moran said...


You are so creative and investinve in matching these words with pictures.

Terrie (applauding wildly)

Terrie Farley Moran said...

That word was suppposed to be "inventive."


Reb said...

Hilary, thanks. I always have fun doing them too.

Leah, I discovered the "multi" setting on my camera, you should see the other 260 some photos - it was hard just to pick a few.

Jo, thanks. The dragons are made by some ppl in southern AB and my friend has about three more. The bread is really fattening though!

Thanks Sis!

Thanks Jay, I actually have only set it off once in the four years I've been here, I was going to then clean it and put a new battery in, but, I'm just slow!

Terrie, thanks!

Tink said...

As I said on Flickr, that set of fire shots is amazing! I saw everything you indicated was in them. Too cool! Great job all the way around girl.

Alice said...

LOVE the flame pictures. really lovely.

hmmm... fire extinguisher... i probably SHOULD have one of those... :-P

Reb said...

Tink, thanks, fire is such an intriguing & mesmerizing thing.

Alice, thank you. I live by the theory if I have it I won't need it.

Newt said...

Ooooh those fire pictures are gorgeous. Wow, nice job. And I had 279 pictures for this weeks wwc and had to pic only a couple it wasn't easy. Digital cameras have made this game way way way too much fun.

Reb said...

Newt, thanks! I know what you mean.

Krishna said...

I must agree, the flame pictures are way cool--especially the one with the flame higher in the air.

Janet said...

wow! Those fire shots are awesome! Did you build that fire? Very good!

Reb said...

Krishna, thanks for dropping by. Glad you enjoyed my fire shots.

Janet, thanks, no I had no hand in keeping the flame alive. That was at a friends and her son is the fire bug there. Thanks for dropping by.

Crabby McSlacker said...

That jumping flame was amazing! And love the way you found so many great pics to fit the themes.

gr said...

I want dragons in MY yard!
hey, was that a beaver tail??????

Reb said...

Crabby, thanks.

Gary, I am sure you are talented enough to make some for yourself! Yes, I guess they could be, I don't cook them quite the same.

Fortune Cookies said...

OOOH! lucky you living next door to dragons...I'm jealous.

kcinnova said...

Oooh, somebody had a firepit going. (I'm jealous!!) I'll have to show my boys the dragon photo; they are fond of those creatures.
I'm very impressed you took so many pictures. I took 5, and had to weed the bad ones out...which left me with only 2!

Reb said...

Cookies, she has dragons all over the inside of the house too, in various forms - stuffed, painted etc.

Kcinnova, the dragons are beautiful aren't they. I didn't know I had taken quite so many pictures until I got home and downloaded them. I love fire, but unfortunately it took about two days for my breathing to get back to normal (asthma).

Knight said...

Were they FIRE breathing dragons? Loved the shots. Especially the dancing fire. I could feel the heat.

Reb said...

Knight, of course, how do you think we got the fire started? Thanks.