WWC - Penultimate & Entrance

Tuesday! We all know by know that that means it is time for the Weekly Word Challenge. It is hosted by the ever-daring, ever-darling Tink over at Pickled Beef . If you want to join in the fun, drop by her blog and she will tell you all about it.

The words this week were quite challenging: Penultimate ("the last but one" - according to Oxford) and Entrance. You would think Entrance would be easy enough - HA! However, here are my photos for the week!

These two are both Entrance and Penultimate. (If you stretch) Fort Edmonton Park is where bits of The Assassination of Jesse James and other movies have been filmed. It is made up of rescued houses and Inns, and things like a blacksmith shop and the actual Fort Edmonton. I will do a more thorough post on it over the summer. In the meantime you could say that it was the penultimate, as Edmonton is now the ultimate.

Here is the other sign for the entrance to the park. I will post a longer view on my flickr site, but you can't read the sign very well on it.


This is one of the side entrances to our Legislature Building, this is the one where a lot of brides and grooms get their photos done in the summer.

This is one of the other entrances to the Legislature...under the stairs at the front.

This is from an elementary school built in 1923. I imagine back then they did need to separate the boys and girls.

Us girls are such delicate little things and well, as you all know, we don't learn so well when there are boys around. You can imagine they didn't need the metal grates back then though.


As we all know, they eventually talked her into doing #4

And them into doing #4

And he found backers to do #4

And of course, my penultimate french fry! Well, for that meal anyway. What! Give up Fries!

There we have it! To see more photos from the challenge, visit the Group Page on Flickr. Of course I took more photos than are here, if you like you can look at them on my Flickr page Here.

Have a great day all.


Crabby McSlacker said...

Great shots!

"Penultimate" isn't exactly easy, either. (And it's a word most people get wrong, too, and confuse with ultimate). I wouldn't have been able to figure out how to photograph it at all!

Leah J. Utas said...

Reb, well done again. Good choices using the allegedly final edition of a series for your penultimate
Crabby's right. It's good to find someone who knows what the word means.

Jo said...

Oh I love all your entrance shots, Reb...I have a thing for doors & gates. Your legislature building is beautiful!

What a great idea for penultimate...I wish Sigourney hadn't made that 4th! My favorite is your french-fry :)

Hilary said...

Outstanding job, Reb. I can remember when our elementary school had the separate entrances marked that same way. I must be old!

I love that fries pic.. what a great idea!

Fortune Cookies said...

penultimate fry looks so sad... like does it have to be the next to last? really? arent there a few more somewhere just waiting to be dipped in ketsup?

Janet said...

The "boys" and "girls" entrance shots are so cool! And I love the fry picture :-)

kcinnova said...

I can see which door I *don't* want to take into the legislature building!

Boys Entrance? Strange...

Penultimate is now a part of my vocabulary. See, blogging is good for you!! (or at least, me!!)
Yep, I played, too.

Reb said...

Crabby, thanks. It took some thinking to get it, I'm just glad I had copies of those movies.

Leah, thanks. The word comes courtesy of Fortune Cookies from the suggestions on our group page.

Jo, I really like the Legislature bldg too. Thanks!

Hilary, no, just the bldg was! ;) Thanks.

gr said...

man, where's my plate of fries?

Reb said...

FC, yeah it does kind of doesn't it?

Janet, I noticed the school on the way to shoot the Legislature, so on the way back had to stop there too.

Kcinnova, I noticed after I took that shot, there was another one under the side stairs marked wheelchair access. I guess all they could do without ruining the beauty of the original architecture, was to put an elevator under there.
It's great to learn isn't it?

Reb said...

Gary, sorry, coming right up. Hey, you don't eat junk like that do you?

Karen said...

I have never seen a school with a boy's and girl's entrance. I love all the entrance's. But of course what I really want is a plate of fries. MMMmmm, fries!

Tink said...

Well done! I like your idea of using the movies, and the stairways are awesome. I'm always drawn to photographing them. I don't know why. There's something calming to the repetition. :)

Jay said...

Yeah, you totally ROCKED the WWC this week. Love the movies and the French Fry! That was clever!

Reb said...

Karen, thanks. How can something that tastes so good be so bad for you?

Tink, I know what you mean about stairs. Thanks.

Jay, I'm blushing! (In my best southern drawl) Why, thank you kind sir!

Alice said...

hee, i totally cheated on penultimate. i love the word so much that anything i did just didn't seem to do the word justice. so, uh, it's sort of a fake instead. sigh.

the Bag Lady said...

Great photos, sis. Now I have to go make some supper -- guess what we're having?! (Only I'm making the home-made kind out of real potatoes!)

Reb said...

Alice, Thanks.

Sis, what makes you think those weren't home made? Just not my home. Thanks ;)

Newt said...

Those are fantastic. Using the movies was VERY creative!

Reb said...

Thanks Newt, I was at my wits end when I though of that.

Clare2e said...

A lot of the older school buildings where I used to live in Chicago have those entrances. As a gal, I always hoped it would cut down on the booby-trapped gumwads and farting in line, but maybe that's me.

I LOVED the movies. Penultimate when they should have been ultimate.

And I really wanted that last fry.

Reb said...

Clare2e, maybe that was the hope of the builders/administrators too? You are so right about the movies! It was good too!