WWC - Five & Wind

The diabolical Tink, from Pickled Beef, is our charming hostess for the WWC each week. If you think you might be interested in being tormented by her word choices, pop over and get the details from her blog.

This weeks challenge words are:


This is what it looked like about five days ago.

This is the first 5 (or so) centimeters of snow on five pots.

Five, 5 pence coins.

And some more coins with 5's & five different countries.

Only two, 5 Ore coins from (I'm guessing) Sweden.

Old 5 cent stamps - lots of them.

Prettier 5 cent stamps.

Wind (blows)

The True North Strong & Free

Little did we know this wind was going to bring in soooo much snow.

The other flag is Alberta's Flag.

Wind (up)

The key on my travel jewellery box - Plays: (I Did It) My Way

When you wind the key and open the door, the little plane flies around to: Fly Me To The Moon

The key for mom's old jewellery box - the ballerina broke off years ago - and I can't remember the tune.

You can wind the blinds open and closed with this.

And of course, you need to wind up a top before it will spin.

I might have been able to get a kite picture had the snow not arrived when it did. Oh well, when the weather gets better, I may just have to venture further afield than my apartment and the block it is on.

Good Day all.

Okay, I totally missed the fact that we are doing elements - so the wind up pictures are off the wall - oh well.


Hilary said...

Reb! Those photos are brilliant. I love the series of five fives, your interpretation of wind, the turning kind.. and the blowing kind which proudly features our flag, eh? ;)

The jewelery box image is lovely and I'm always amazed at the wonderful items you seem to dig out for photo purposes. That top is so cool! Great job!

Leah J.Utas said...

Reb, I am tickled by the way you think. Love the interpretations.

Fortune Cookies said...

Reb, your photos exhibit the talents of a brilliant mind at work in an ingenious and rare form! great job!

Tink said...

I love the coin pictures! The background you used for them is perfect. I used to collect coins when I was little, from all the cool places my grandparent's traveled. My favorites were the ones with holes in the middle. I would wear them as charms on a necklace on occasion. :)

Reb said...

Hilary, thank you. That top is from when we were all kids.

Leah, thanks, I've always been looked at askance for the way I think - I'm glad you're tickled.

Cookies, *blush* thanks you.

Tink, thanks, most of them are from parents travels, but some I picked up working retail, I would exchange the coin for what it was supposed to be.

Alice said...

wind, as a verb! so clever!

i love foreign coins, yay. they make me feel happy and exotic, no matter where they're from..

Reb said...

Alice thanks.

the Bag Lady said...

Cool. Didn't know you were so rich...

Anonymous said...

Reb, you rocked the WWC this week! Great job!

Sorry about the snow...oh, no! Suddenly, I've got Bob & Doug Mackenzie with Geddy Lee, singing "Take off to the Great White North" running through my head.

Reb said...

Sis, yeah, too bad I would have to go to the countries to spend any of it!

Kcinnova, thanks. Quick, put on a CD or something!

Karen said...

Oh I like the wind up versus the wind pictures! Good idea!

Reb said...

Karen, thanks.

Jay said...

That was a great collect of pictures there! You got lots of great interpretations of the words.

You guys STILL have that much snow around? Yikes! ;-)

Reb said...

Jay, it all fell over four days! We were almost all done, just a few spots where the plows had left snow.

Jo said...

Fabulous photos, Reb, I always enjoy yours so much. I love your jewelry box tune! The 2nd flag photo is so lovely...and the Swedish coins are really cool.

Your creative interpretations are a big part of the charm :)

Chatty said...

all of them are especially wonderful this week - I love the stamps, coins, and especially the top and jewelry box...

R.E.H. said...

Great pictures! A lot of fun that you got a picture of the Swedish 5 ore coins - those babies went obsolete about 15 years ago!

Brings back memories of them actually being worth anything - smallest valued coin these days are the 50 ore ones!

gr said...

wind up! brilliant!
and I shouldn't laugh at your snow because then we will get DUMPED on

Reb said...

Thanks Jo, that was given to me by a smart-alec friend.

Chatty, it is amazing the things you can come up with when you are a pack rat!

R.E.H., thanks. I have a few coins from when Mom & Dad visited there in the '80's. Sounds like they are probably obsolete too. Wow, 50 ore!

Gary, thanks. Yes, karma has a way of doing that! You will probably just get this as rain though.