WWC: Close up & Background

Wow, this weeks words were a challenge! What to take a close up of? What the hell to use as background?

Then I was out shopping, waiting for the bus and I noticed across the street, something that would have been a GREAT background photo. I pulled out my phone and snapped off this picture. You can barely make out that there is a house roof behind the gravel.

The city is finally getting around to extending our Light Rail Transit and there is construction everywhere! When I saw the pile of gravel (taller than the house), my heart went out to the people who now have it as a background. Too bad the photo didn't turn out! I was on my way to buy my new camera and the closest I have come to there since, is the other side of the high rise you can see on the right. I might get there again before the pile is reduced too much, but, who knows.

So, now on to the photos I took with my new camera!

Close up:

Can you guess what this is?

This was an accident how it focused this way, but I like it.

This was not an accident and I really like it.

Sibu, first thing, when I sit down, has to be cuddled.... he likes to be close up!

This is over the back of my head.
Then he winds up sitting on my shoulder facing the computer screen. (WARNING! The blog administrator strongly advises against clicking to enlarge this photo, serious damage could occur to your retinas and/or monitor! The Blog Administrator accepts no responsibility for any damages incurred should you fail to heed this warning!)

This was him trying to figure out the camera.


This is the background of my apartment complex.

And across the fence, the background of the school.Background traffic noise.

Background people noise, waiting for buses.
The temporary bus transfer point, while the regular one is being reconstructed for the LRT and the mall itself is undergoing renovations. Major background noise and smells!

Background music.

Background music player.

Did you enjoy? Maybe you would like to participate next week? Then stop over and see Tink's blog Pickled Beef and get all the details on joining the fun.


Crabby McSlacker said...

LOVE the cat figuring out the camera--it's my personal favorite expression.

Leah J.Utas said...

Well done, as usual. So is the whatsit a Christmas ornament?

Hilary said...

I love Sibu's expression too.. and darned if the two of you don't look alike!

Now that thing.. it looks like it could be a Slinky®, or some sort of tubing, or a whisk, or .. clearly I haven't a clue but I'll keep thinking about it.

Great photos, Reb!

Tink said...

Is the mystery shot of a slinky? :)

I'm so glad you're enjoying your new camera! We're enjoying it too.

the Bag Lady said...

Great shots, Reb. Methinks I know what that thing is, but won't spoil the fun for everyone. Lalalalala....

Reb said...

Crabby, thanks, me too.

Leah, thanks - uh, no.

Hilary, thanks? Yep.

Tink, you got it. Thanks.

Sis, thanks, you should have said...I'm not keeping it a secret, I wouldn't remember to tell tomorrow.

Alice said...

my cat does the same thing! i was trying to take a picture of all his toys scattered around the floor, which he had accomplished while i was away overnight, but kept getting pictures of his face as he rubbed up against the lense...

great pictures!

Reb said...

Thanks for dropping by Alice. Yes cats are great aren't they?

Farmer*swife said...

Cool Pics! GREAT NEW CAMERA!!! Isn't it empowering!!! A new camera? Whoop for you!

Fortune Cookies said...

Gasp! Was that a SLINKY???!!!
Nice photos, must be hard to do, what without opposable thumbs and all ;)

gr said...

great new camera, and that is a SLINKY, right?
man, Edmonton looks surprisingly warm for such a northern place

Reb said...

Farmer*swife, yes, I love the new camera. Thanks for dropping by.

Cookies - yes, but alas, not an original one - I don't know where that one got to. I find the camera a bit of a challenge without thumbs, but my human seems to be doing alright.

Gr, thanks, yes it is just a small one though. We have lovely weather sometimes up here (about 65F over the weekend)! They are calling for snow again by the end of this week.

Dawn said...

Loving your photos - especially the ones of Sibu and your "setting". The blog world is a strange place where you get to know people so well in some ways and not at all in others.

Reb said...

Thanks Dawn, it sure is.

Chatty said...

Hey - congrats on the new camera - it's taking great pictures - but that is due mostly to the photographer! As to guessing what it is - I promised myself not to look at any other comments, and my guess is a slinky. And "background music" - loved it!

Jo said...

Oh this was fab! I love having a picture of you to match the Reb in my head :)

You're rocking the new camera! The slinky shot was great...I only guessed it b/c I've spent way too much time with those things. My favorite shot is the dried branch/leaves on the iron thingy, it's just beautiful.

Reb said...

Thank you Chatty, you are right, it is a slinky.

Jo,thanks! Um, do I match what you had pictured? 'Cause that is scary right at the crack of noon there - just out of bed and all.
Yes, that is my favorite shot to. I left last years ivy attached to the iron trellis I have in hopes that it will grow back. I doubt it will though.

Anonymous said...

That first one...is it a slinky?
And watch out or Sibu might start taking photos without you there! (Can't wait to see those pics!)

Reb said...

Kcinnova, yes it was a slinky. Sibu has tried to phone long distance, so it wouldn't surprise me to see pictures I don't remember taking on my camera.