Once upon a time...

...in a world of two suns,

lived a bunch of bloggers that did a Weekly Word Challenge. The original host had started this phenomenon several years ago and then passed the torch along. Once again the torch for the WWC is being passed along, this time into the capable hands of Janet, from Fond of Snape.

The last words that Tink left us with are 5 and Red.

 I think these were all put in by different people (or after a liquid lunch).

This was given to me by a new tenant, it is for luck (I thought good...).

5 wrapped up fingers


do you know how hard it is to take a photo of your right hand?

The first words from Janet are New & Chip, if you would like to join us, please feel free to do so. Links on the side bar will lead to where you can find other players.

(For those that haven't seen this before, I have my hand and arm wrapped for the 2ndary lymphoedema that developed after my lymph nodes were removed under my arm. The purpose is to move the fluid out of the arm and while aggravating, it is not really painful.)

Have a good day all.


Clare2e said...

Blecky fluid, Reb! Best drainage!

Cute good luck charm!

Scott Oglesby said...

I hope your hand feels ok.

I love your good luck charm, it’s cool as hell. Anything with a pineapple has got to be good luck. I’m going to have to join the WWC very soon.

the Bag Lady said...

Why does the last picture look like a left hand to me......?

Hope your pineapple brings you good luck!

Leah J. Utas said...

Go lucky red pineapple!

That fire alarm station is a bit of a head- shaker.

And as for the mummy-wrap, well, as long as it works.

Anonymous said...

Yikes!!! Um, please define "not really painful."
I've been somewhat out of the loop for the past week and I'm so relieved that Janet is taking on leadership! Whoohoo!

Heal well, my friend.

David Cranmer said...

Clare2e always gives me a chuckle. Best drainage too.

And the best of new years also!

Jay said...

It would drive me crazy to see the fire alarm, sing and bell not being aligned in my hallway. My OCD would take over and I would have to get out the toolbox and fix that. LOL

Your good luck charm is very cool.

Reb said...

Clare, thanks so much.

Scott, thanks it's okay. I was very pleased when I got the charm.

Sis...smoke and mirrors! I finally remembered I had a timer setting ;)

Leah, it is isn't it! It does.

Kcinnova, it is sort of like wearing a tight bra, not really painful, sometimes they get it too tight around the nerve on my wrist bone though.

Thanks David. She always comes through, happy new year to you also.

Jay, I didn't notice ('cause I never look) until I took the picture ;) Thanks.

messymimi said...

I hope that you don't have to wear that for too long.

Good luck in the New Year!

Reb said...

Thanks Messymimi. About two weeks.

Crabby McSlacker said...

Do we all get good luck by enjoying the pretty picture of the good luck charm?

And hope the wrap does it's thing and makes you feel better!

Hilary said...

So the left hand is your right and the right left? I think I might have opted for feet. ;) Creative and clever. And is Tink doing ok? I miss her.

Reb said...

Crabby, I hope so! It will eventually make it better.

Hilary, oh, not feet! You have to join facebook to keep up, she is doing just fine.

Janet said...

LOL a VERY liquid lunch, I'd say! I'd been a bit worried about lymphoedema after having 18 lymph nodes removed from my groin, but so far, so good! I hope you recover quickly!

Reb said...

Janet, just keep a watch on your legs, if you haven't gotten it by now, you should be okay, but flights may cause that to change.

Frank Baron said...

That charm is nifty. And I'm glad your hand looks worse than it feels. :)

Dianne said...

I like your good luck charm too

glad your hand doesn't really hurt as much as it looks like it does

Reb said...

Thanks Dianne. No, it's just numb sometimes.