Eminent Eights

Kcinnova tagged me for this. She has the idea that I may have eight answers to life's important (or not so important) questions ;)

8 TV shows I watch:
  • Cold Case
  • Chuck
  • Fringe
  • The Mentalist
  • NCIS
  • NCIS Los Angels
  • Heros
  • Flashpoint

8 Favourite places to eat/drink:
  • Friend Sally's (damn I keep forgetting what alias I have given her)
  • Home
  • The Bag Lady's - my sister (and she's only third because she is so far away)
  • I can't afford to eat out
  • Boston Pizza
  • Home
  • Quizno's
  • Home

8 things I look forward too:
  • Winning the lotto - who's buying me a ticket?
  • Getting back into a shape that is based on the human form as opposed to the whale-esque form I am currently sporting
  • Energy
  • Someone giving me a car?
  • or a job?
  • Health
  • Spring
  • Return of brain function

8 things I did yesterday:
  • Worked
  • Ate
  • Took Pictures
  • Surfed the net
  • Read
  • Tidied up
  • Coloured my hair
  • Told you it was a bore

8 things I love about winter:
  • Yeah, right
  • No, seriously
  • Okay, no bugs
  • All the city stench is usually frozen
  • But then so am I
  • Laughing at the snow closures for an inch of snow (I kid because I love you all)
  • The glorious clear blue sky
  • Christmas - but I miss my fireplace

8 things I am passionate about:
  • Reading
  • Sibu (my cat)
  • My camera
  • This is hard
  • Swedish and English ancestry - we aren't passionate about much
  • If I were Italian or French, maybe it would be a different story
  • is that eight yet?
  • yes!

8 words/phrases I use often:
  • Shit!
  • How fucking stupid can one person be? (in my head - usually)
  • Yeah! Right!
  • Oh, look at that! (said most often with camera in hand)
  • Flat footed cow! (referring to my upstairs neighbour - or other words that start with f)
  • Transfer please! (I hate public transport)
  • Where the hell is the bus (why I hate pt)
  • and I always tell the cat to "look after the house" as I am leaving

8 things I have learned in the past:
  • Karma is a bitch - act accordingly
  • if you've ever peed using the back bumper of a truck (for support), you might be a redneck
  • If you've ever frozen to the bumper...you must be a misplaced southern redneck
  • learn to laugh at all the shit life thows your way, otherwise you spend most of your time with a stuffy nose and red eyes - not attractive
  • if you open your mind - amazing things will enter
  • Common sense isn't so common
  • Backbone can't be taught or lent to someone
  • Patience only works the first couple of times, then you have to pull out the bitch

For those of you still here by this point... WAKE UP! It's over. I will not be tagging anyone, but please feel free to do this on your own.

Have a great day all.


Hilary said...

Some very clever answers here. Reb.. particularly things you have learned. Keep warm.. or at least keep from freezing.

David Cranmer said...

The words you use, in particular the first on the list, are similar to mine.

Anonymous said...

LOL, I have been known to call my husband a "damned Swede" because of his identical heritage. He has passed on his non-excitability to the boys and if it wasn't so frustrating it would be funny.
I had a terrible time coming up with TV shows, since I rarely watch TV (someone else is usually hogging it), and you might have noticed we have similar kinds of favorite eating places. :)

Okay, I confess I tagged you because I wanted to read your "What I love about winter" bits! ROTFLMBO

PS: I'm a redneck!

Reb said...

Thanks Hilary. We are actually having our January thaw, so it is quite warm this week.

David, I suspect they are similar to a few people :)

Kcinnova, a Norwegian friend likes to joke that "I told my husband once, I loved him and that if anything changed, I'd let him know". Glad you enjoyed my Winter responses ;)

the Bag Lady said...

Hehehehe - cute, sis! (And I probably couldn't have come up with 8 of a lot of those!)

Thanks for including me on your list, too - I'm flattered!

Leah J. Utas said...

Love the list, Reb. I'm sure Sibu does a fine job of looking after the house.

Terrie Farley Moran said...

Nicely done,

You had me at "looking forward to return of brain function."

Me, too.


Reb said...

Sis, it was hard! I love your cooking, of course I would include you!

Thanks Leah. Sibu runs away from the door when I come in ;)

Terrie, I've been looking forward to that for awhile now!

messymimi said...

If you want something more to laugh at about the cold, how about us in south Louisiana, who closed school last Friday for cold weather, without even the threat of snow!

Reb said...

Messymimi, that is too funny!

Aunt Jackie said...

Cool facts and answers.

Am hungry now for some reason tho.

Reb said...

AJ, don't know why you would be hungry :)