Photo Finish Friday: Fledgling

One of last weeks babies decided to try his(her?) wings. I'm not sure how long he was on my patio, but I had been hearing a one note peep going on all afternoon and it was driving me nuts!

I took a few shots then went outside to see if I could do anything, he scooted under my planter which gave me an opportunity for a better photo. I put a thin stick up at an angle to the bottom of the trellis, but he didn't figure that out. It probably wasn't high enough anyway. Mom and dad came by a couple of times to try to get him going, but, I didn't see them succeed before it got dark. Doesn't mean he spent the night under the planter though, but at least he would be safe from predators there. Here I was thinking of replacing that planter, I had better not ;)

Have a good weekend all.....I won't be around to reply as I will be in Jasper! Yes, I am going to the mountains ;) I'll catch up on Monday.

PFF is the invention of my cousin Leah over at The Goat's Lunch Pail.


the Bag Lady said...

Excellent shots, sis - I hope the little guy found his way back to the nest!

Have a great time in the mountains - hopefully, the weather will be lovely!

Leah J. Utas said...

Ah, that awkward age. Hope s/he's okay.
Have a great mountain getaway.

messymimi said...

Very nice pics, and enjoy those mountains.

Barbara Martin said...

There is always one chick that decides to venture out and about.

This spring I watched a rather inquistive mallard duckling paddle away from his mother and siblings to investigate whatever got his attention. About a week later when I saw them again, the brood was down to 6 from 9, with the remaining ducklings staying very close to their mother.

Dianne said...

glad the planter is there :)
he's a cutie

hope you're having fun in the mountains

David Cranmer said...

What a needed guardian angel you are.

Reb said...

Thanks Sis, had a wonderful time.

Leah, yes, so cute though.

Thanks Messymimi, I did.

Barbara, yes. Sorry to hear about the ducklings.

Dianne, I am too, I guess it will stay there too.

David...aww shucks.