Photo Finish Friday (already?!)

Ya gotta love Alberta!

Click to enlarge please.
You can pay to stay within spitting distance of a well head ;)

Esso, straight from the well head! (and don't forget the beer)

Have a good weekend all!


A. K. said...

Amazing pictures!

messymimi said...

We see those around here, too, but I've never seen one that close to a hotel. They are usually out in fields or near factories.

Good shots.

Leah J. Utas said...

Typical Alberta scene. Excellent pics, Cousin.

Reb said...

A.K., thanks.

Messymimi, they are usually out in fields around here too ;)

Leah, Yep! :) Thanks.

Barbara Martin said...

This is news to me. Perhaps I've been away too long.

Gabriele Goldstone said...

Well if Alberta can do it, can Manitoba be far behind? :)
Maybe we can get a Ramada out near one of our lonely oil pumping machines.

Dianne said...

Alberta looks a lot like NJ
or maybe it's just that the area around a Ramada always looks the same

Reb said...

Gabriele, I am sure that MB isn't too far behind ;) Thanks for visiting.

Dianne, it must be the Ramada, you know those chains ;)

Janet said...

hmmmm...nice view?