I don't measure...

...so nothing ever turns out the same twice. That is a shame because last nights mac & cheese was delicious! Here's what I did:

Cooked the mac of course (I used rice flour pasta, but any kind of noodle)
In a skillet, I cooked some sliced ham (try bacon or back bacon - for those not Canadian, back bacon is what ya'll call Canadian bacon)

- take the ham (or back bacon) out when slightly browned, in the same skillet throw in a bit of butter (the tip of a table knife) to lift the stuff left from the ham (if using bacon, don't bother with this step - pour off the grease)
- throw in two triangles of Laughing Cow soft cheese
- add some crushed garlic (I use the jar stuff, because then it is on hand when I want it) about one or two cloves if using fresh
- sprinkle in some powdered ginger (or a bit of real stuff to flavour)
- add some onion, chives, leeks whatever is on hand
- add a splash or two of milk to thin
- add salt & pepper to taste

- pour hot over noodles, add ham and serve with a salad or crusty bread.

Remember that I cook for one so adjust accordingly ;)

Have a good day all!


kcinnova said...

Finally! A use for the Laughing Cow cheese in my fridge! (I tried to convince myself it was a good substitute for brie... no dice.)

Frank Baron said...

You owe me for a new keyboard, Reb.

Dang drool....

Leah J. Utas said...

Reb, that sounds so damned good. And you're not alone, I don't measure either.

the Bag Lady said...

Sounds yummy! I will have to try this for lunch later in the week - the Rancher is not a pasta and cheese fan - he prefers it with a tomato-based sauce. But I love mac & cheese!

Reb said...

Karen, glad I could help!

Sorry Frank :(

Thanks Leah. It makes things so much more exciting doesn't it?

Sis, he might like this, you never know.

messymimi said...

Sounds scrumptious.

It's a shame Sweetie hates mac and cheese and the kids want it plain. No taste around here.

Barbara Martin said...

Now I'm hungry as this sounds wonderful for comfort food.

Scott Oglesby said...

I am the primary (read; only) cook in our household and I am damn talented if you believe my wife and the stray animals who lap it up as if they were starving. Oh wait.

I can cook just about anything, and I’ve never measured either. I’ve never been a fan of math and avoid it at all costs. This is probably why I’m no good at baking. Or banking for that matter.

Reb said...

Thanks Messymimi, too bad about your family. You'll have to try it some day when everyone is out of the house for lunch.

Barbara, thank you. It just might become a staple here in my house.

Scott, I love to bake and do bookkeeping for a living ;) I just can't be bothered to measure when I am cooking a meal.

Janet said...

hmmmm...that sounds great!~