Happy Birthday Canada!

There will be celebrations across our country today celebrating the British North America Act which united the four provinces of 1867 into one country.

Me, I'll be doing laundry and maybe some gardening ;)

Have a good Canada Day everyone!


Leah J. Utas said...

Happy Canada Day. Or, as we used to say Dominion Day. See? That's how old I am!

the Bag Lady said...

Happy Canada Day.... gee, I remember when it used to be Dominion Day, too! We must all be close to the same age! :)

Barbara Martin said...

Happy Canada Day! And I too recall Dominion Day.

Clare2e said...

HCD Reb!! (also Barbara and Leah and BL any other of the northern worthies!)

I'm laundering, too, in advance of the upcoming July 4th, U.S. Independence Day : ) What is it about fabric softener that smells like patriotic celebration?

Reb said...

I remember Dominion Day too! Thanks everyone!