WWC: "G" & "On this day"

Welcome to Tuesday, the day of the Weekly Word Challenge! Hosted by the lovely Tink of Pickled Beef, this year we are expanding the concept of "word" to include letters and phrases.

I give you "G"!

Used in words and for the
colour Green, the sign at my building

A fence at my building is Green

A sign across the street has a "g" in it


The phrase "On this day"

On this day in 1763 France gave up Canada!

On this day in 1863 the fire extinguisher was patented by Alanson Crane

On this day in 2009, I will be here :(

If you would like to join the merry band of WWC posters, just drop by and see Tink at the link above, she will set you straight.

Have a good day all.


Missicat said...

Ahhh, the fabulous laundry room - don't worry on this day I will be there too. :-( If that makes you feel any better!

Reb said...

Thanks Missicat, that helps a lot!

the Bag Lady said...

Well done, sis.
Too bad about having to spend time in that laundry room though. I'll be in a similar situation, myself.

Reb said...

Thanks Sis. I tried yesterday, but the machines were all in use.

Leah J. Utas said...

Had no idea about France and this day. Must go read about it.
Y'know "Thgate" would make a great name for a city in a fantasy novel. Now you've done it.
Good pics. It's always fun to see how your mind works.

Tink said...

We ARE a merry band, aren't we. ;)

Hey, at least you have a room for laundry. I have a closet. In order to open the dryer I have to move the hamper. But then I have to close the dryer if I need to open the washer. SIGH. Great use of the "words". :)

Reb said...

Leah, you run with Thgate then :) Fun, or sometimes scary?

Tink, but I have to share that with 45 other suites! Thanks!

Janet said...

LOL laundry day...pretty room, tho!

Reb said...

Janet, at least it has a window.

Jay said...

Great bit of trivia there with the fire extinguisher.

Laundry sucks. haha

Reb said...

Jay, google is a wonderful thing ;)

Both Sides of Ben Marlan said...

i love these photos. they're so beautifully clear. and clear in their intent. very artful cropping as well

Clare2e said...

Actually the laundry fits in with your theme, because its powder-coated, shiny washing cubes are indeed GLORIOUS.

Reb said...

Ben, thank you and thanks for dropping by.

Clare, thanks ;)

Aunt Jackie said...

Love how you incorporated some history into your photos, you always come through shining!!

I really like the fuzziness of the letters in the sign. And like the laundry shot! It speaks volumes. :)

Hate laundry. :(

Reb said...

AJ, thanks! My least favourite chore, especially carrying it up to that laundry room.

Hilary said...

Creative ideas as always, Reb. You always delight and amuse. I think you should take a break from all that laundry, put on your "thgates" and head on over to the thgating rink. ;)

Reb said...

Hilary, the last time I put on thgates, I hurt myself ;)

g-man said...

Is that epic laundry? :)

Well done. Lots of green up there? Or is that just wishful thinking since it is covered in white?

Reb said...

G-man, it was certainly epic yesterday. Definitely wishful thinking right now ;)

Anonymous said...

I literally have a closet for my "laundry room" -- open the doors in the kitchen so you can open the doors of the washer & dryer. If you back up, you bump into the kitchen counter. I miss my laundry room.

Forever Doing Laundry

Okay, really, I came to post on the WWC, and you did a great job!! :)
I just got distracted by laundry. As usual. *sigh*

Barbara Martin said...

The historical dates were good and I liked the photos for 'green'.

There's been rain all day today and warm temperatures, I'm worried the buds will come out only to be frozen later.

Dianne said...

very well done - you even included some history!!

Barrie said...

And green is my favorite colour!

Reb said...

Kcinnova, thanks. At least you can do yours in your kitchen ;)

Barbara, thanks. Google is a wonderful thing. I am sure the buds will be alright.

Dianne, thanks.

Barrie, I am quite fond of it myself.