Baby, it's cold out there!

Well, I managed to reprogram my computer, but it didn't help. By the time I got all the updates and stuff added on, I had used up over 8 Gb of hard drive. I didn't even load all the crap that came with the computer in the first place. BTW, 8 GB is outrageous! As soon as I can go a buy a disk (all of mine are in use), I will be downloading Linux and loading it in hopes of extending the use of this box. I really can not afford to replace it. In the mean time, I have no photoshop - sob! I guess I'll have to make do with the editor that came with the camera.

Except, who wants to go outside and take pictures when it is -26C (-14F) with a windchill of -37C (-35F)? I'm not even walking the 100 yards to the office today, I am checking for messages on the phone from home. (the boss okayed that) I doubt sincerly that we will have anyone drop in to look at suites today. With the slow down we are experienceing in renting...I doubt we would have anyone even if it weren't this cold. The good thing about that, my rent won't be going up!

The manager & her husband took the staff out for Christmas dinner last night - in the cold. I would have taken my camera, but both sets of my batteries were dead...I guess I have been a bit too busy to take any photos lately. Why is it that restaraunts can't seem to grasp the concept of allergies? J & myself are both allergic to shellfish and mushrooms....most dishes are served with one or the other at this place. We both ordered the beef tenderloin, with no sauce and asked that it be cooked on a grill that had not just been used for shellfish or mushrooms. We both had to send it back. They serve the steak on a bed of mashed potatoes and the juices had run into the spuds, so they had to change the entire meal. We could both taste fish and poor J, her tongue started to swell, good thing she had some meds with her. I didn't escape my headache either, but at least I won't die from it. The good thing about it having to be redone, it didn't have to sit under the heater long enough to dry out waiting for one of our party to finish their appetizer and change my steak from med rare to med well. Of course, J's wasn't quite well done, but she ate it anyway. Why do people insist on ruining a good steak by overcooking it?

I still have projects to finish and I seem to have started to ramble, so I will sign off now. I will be back soon, but I still have some stuff to load on this computer so that I am fully functional.

Take care all and stay warm.


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

I am always thinking: WOW, Edmonton is in NORTHERN Alberta, which is waaaaay up there and I bet it is a bit cold and dark in winter, and poor you, it is VERY cold!
Best wishes all around. I know what you mean about food allergies---mine is dairy, and butter, cream and milk are in nearly everything!

Reb said...

Actually Gary, we are in central AB, there is a whole lot of population north of us still. Allergies to food are the worst!

Leah J. Utas said...

Well, that's pretty damned annoying on many fronts.
It's good to have dinner out. Over the years I've gone from well done steaks to medium or medium rare. I've mistimed a few a home that came out closer to rare.
It was -40 here this morning. I had a (quick) cup of coffee outside.
Good luck with all your computer excitement.

Reb said...

Leah, it sure is. I can't wait to try out Linux. Coffee outside? Didn't it freeze?

kcinnova said...

Food allergies are awful. My kiddos had some as wee ones, and EB really suffered with both dairy & soy, plus a smattering of others. I had to be VERY diligent, as some of the moms out there thought it was okay to give him a biscuit/cracker/cookie because it didn't have the word MILK in the ingredients. Then he would break out in hives. Ugh.

You are indeed COLD up there! Brrrrr.

David Cranmer said...

I ruin steaks too by getting them well done. Can't help it.

Jay said...

Good grief that's cold! I don't know if I could stand that for very long.

And that annoys me that they cook the steaks on the same grill that they cook fish on. I would NEVER eat there and I love seafood and steak both!

Dawn said...

That does sound COLD! We're just cruising into summer here in New Zealand. They showed images on TV last night about the ice storm in the States - very beautiful but so damaging.

Stay tucked up nice and warm.

debra said...

You are far north! Here in NE Ohio is was rainy and gray today.The wintry mix comes later in the week.
I am also allergic to shellfish. It's hard when people don't realize how serious it can be.

Dianne said...

wow it's balmy here compared to where you are

I hope your computer behaves for as long as you need it to

Reb said...

Kcinnova, mine are getting worse as I get older...but I am thankful that none of them will kill me, just make me wish. They just trigger migraines and my asthma mostly.

David, you have to start trying them a little less than well done, work your way to medium, then to med rare. You will wonder why you ever ate them well done!

Jay, the good thing is that is doesn't stay this way for too long at a stretch. We will get some warmer days then another few days of biting cold. You can bet I won't be back to that place. Especially at $30.00 for a steak that has to be sent back!

Dawn, yes I wish I could spend half of the year there! We are fortunate that we don't get the ice storms they get in the east.

Debra, I wouldn't mind rain so much, at least you don't have to shovel it ;) The well meaning people that tell you to take glucosamine and "oh, try this herbal mix - it works wonders for me" also don't understand when you want to know what is in it!

Dianne, it will be balmy here in a day or two. Thanks, I hope I can baby this along for awhile.

Hilary said...

Ack that's got to be worrisome - trusting an unseen face to take your allergies seriously. I'm sure glad yours are not life-threatening.

I'm not looking forward to those bitter wind chills.. ugh. And that Leah - she likes her coffee.. crisp!

Reb said...

Hilary it is quite distressing to be slammed half way through a very pleasant meal with a migraine. I am very thankful mine are not life threatening. Crisp - ;)