Photo Finish Friday: Farewell

Sibu with Kai and brother Rikk.

I found you at a time in my life when I needed you the most. You were the only Himi in with two Siamese brothers and so much cuter than either of them. They were ignoring you and me, but you came right up to the window to see me. I wasn't sure if my allergies would let me have you so I had to snuggle you right up to my face, staring a lifelong habit in you, then I made arrangements with the staff to hold you for an hour. When I got back some smelly woman was cuddling you and when you saw me you would have jumped right into my arms if she hadn't been holding you so tightly. We had to give you a bath to get rid of her perfume from your coat, it was that strong.

It was a match made in heaven and we have been through so much together Sibu, I am sorry it was for such a short time. Everyone tells me that 14 years is old for a cat, but I still wish it could have been longer.  I'm still convinced that you were trying to give me CPR the morning I didn't want to wake up when you wanted me to.

You brought me great joy and I will miss you.


The top Polaroid is one of the first photos of Sibu, and the bottom photo is one of the last photos.

With no Sibu, I think I will stop using this blog and try to put my photo blog to more use, so this will be the last post on this blog.

Thank you all for reading about my life here. I have enjoyed making so many friends here and hope to continue our friendship through the other blog (icon on the top right - RLU Photos) or on Facebook (Reb Utas).

Have a good weekend all.

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Photo Finish Friday: Visiting

My neighbour has a new rug on her patio and Sibu feels it is his duty to lie on anything that is on another surface. He lays on plastic bags or newspapers if they are on the floor.

Have a nice long weekend all.

PFF is the bwainchild of Leah over at The Goat's Lunch Pail.


Photo Finish Friday: Sibu

Sibu out enjoying the spring grass.

I have had to take his harness in about an inch on both straps, he has lost that much weight. I don't think he will be with me for very much longer as he feels like nothing so much as fur and bone. So far, he still seems to be happy though so, it will be another few days, maybe weeks before we go to the vet again.

Have a good weekend all.

PFF is the creation of Leah over at The Goat's Lunch Pail.


Photo Finish Friday: Cousins

Leah sent me this photo a few weeks ago and I have been wracking my brain ever since as to where the heck those rainbow flip flops came from. I am not a flip flop person and as I suspect that this was in the early '80's, I don't think I even owned a pair of flats back then. That is cousin Wayne in between Leah and myself. You can tell my legs hadn't seen the light of day in a long time too. Actually I look pretty pale all over next to Wayne.

Have a good weekend all.

PFF is ...well, this week it is all Leah's fault (I didn't even take the photo).


Photo Finish Friday: Canis Lupus

Please click to enlarge

This is from our trip to Jasper last summer and I am not really happy with how it turned out. It was too busy on the sidewalk to get a better shot. This was the weekend I walked too much and hurt myself. Of the four, if I remember correctly, two are full wolves and one is a cross with a dog and the other is just a dog. Why he has the wolves I also can't remember, it was after all a year ago almost ;)

Have a good weekend all.

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Photo Finish Friday: What a day!

This is what I awoke to yesterday. Alberta in the springtime! And damned if it isn't still here today! It will be gone by tomorrow though, I am pretty sure :)

Have a Happy Easter Weekend all.

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Photo Finish Friday: Inuksuk

 Photo credit: my friend who wants to be anonymous

My friend is going to Jasper this weekend for her birthday and I am a bit envious. This photo is from one of her previous trips to Jasper - it's on my computer because she asked me to compile a flash drive of photos of mine and hers for another friend that has never actually been to Jasper. (I find that very strange as it is only 4 hours away, but, she is a bit of a princess apparently they usually only go to Banff.)


Have a good weekend all.

PFF is the creation of my cousin Leah over at The Goat's Lunch Pail.